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Other facilities for you

In some of our comfort pitches we have direct TV connection. By connecting you get access to the following channels: DR1, DR2, DR3, DRK, Ramasjang, TV2, TV3, TV3+, TV3Sport, TV3Plus, and in addition various German, Norwegian and Swedish channels.

In all service buildings we have a TV lounge where you can watch TV freely. The lounge contains tables, chairs and TV. The lounge cannot be reserved, but operates on a “first-come – first-served” basis. All of our service buildings are handicap accessible.

Activity hall
We have a great indoor activity hall with opportunity for a lot of fun and games. We offer balls and other equipment in order for you to have a active and fun time in the activity hall. 
The activity hall has the following: 
Football, handball, basketball, badminton, volleyball, hockey, billard and pool, few arcade games, a sky lounge, small kids area, as well as bathrooms. 

Please show respect for other campers using the activity hall. 

On the campsite you will find a multi arena, where you have the opportunity to play tennis between 8:00 and 10:50. The court must be booked at reception, where you can also borrow rackets and balls. You are also welcome to use your own equipment if you have it with you.

The multi arena
The multi arena can be used for many types of activities. During the peak season we have football camp three times a week. The multi arena can be used freely when not used by the activity staff. 

We have both washing machines and dryers in two of our service buildings. 

Wash incl. dryer costs DKK 50,-

Car & caravan wash
At the campsite, you have the opportunity to wash your car, caravan or motorhome at our washing area at service building 1. It is free to use. 

Charging Electric Car 
We offer recharging of electric cars. Please contact the reception for more information 

Heated swimming pool
Enclosed dog park


Family Cabins

Rent a tipi

Fun activities