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Holiday in Northern Jutland and Himmerland

On this page you can read about the local area, the summer town of Øster Hurup and the beautiful region.

Øster Hurup and the local area

Øster Hurup is a small seaside town where you will find one of Denmark’s most child-friendly beaches, a cozy harbor and a main street with restaurants, cafes and shops selling local goods. The town is an old fishing village with around 1000 inhabitants during the winter months. However this number doubles several times during the summer season.  During summer the town is buzzing with tourists. Read more below


Lille Vildmose – Our Wild Neighbour

Located 10 km from Kattegat Strand Camping is the center of Lille Vildmose. 
A must-try when you are in the area. 
Try for example the small train, the nature playground, the eagle simulator, and maybe you can spot a moose in the wild nature.

Buy your ticket at the campsite and save money. 



Holiday in Himmerland

In Himmerland you are far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, and in the middle of nature: the coast, the hills, the moors and with plenty of activities and experiences.
Read more about Himmerland here.

Walk, run or bike 

The area surrounding Kattegat Strand has a lot of stunning nature to offer. Exploring nature is done best on foot or by biking. That is why we have prepared both running and bike routes. See you out there!

Besides the routes we have made, you can also find more routes and paths exploring the Northern part of Jutland. Read more here.

You will find link for running and bike routes below. 

Mountain bike

Approx. 30 minutes from Kattegat Strand Camping you will find one of Jutland’s best mountain bike forests, Rold Skov. There are challenges for the experienced MTB enthusiasts, but also plenty of fun for beginners or outdoor lovers



Adventure in Jutland

Yes, when you are on holiday it is great to relax, enjoy the sun and the sound of nature. But it is also great for the soul to experience new things. Fortunately, there are plenty to do in Jutland! There are a lot of cool attractions and experiences that we definitely don’t think you should miss out on.

Here is an overview of the biggest attractions in Jutland, which are definitely worth a visit during your stay at Kattegat Strand Camping.



Fishing trip

Lille Vildmose

Rent a tipi

Family Cabins