Kitchen and Shower • Kattegat Strand Camping • FREE
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Free showers for all

All campers at Kattegat Strand Camping can freely use kitchen and shower in the service facilities. Shower is included in the price, so you can bathe as much as you like. 


At Kattegat Strand Camping you can use all our bathing facilities for free and worry-free – including our nice family bathroom. We have ensured that the showers, which are available in all service buildings, are included in the price.
It is possible to rent a family shower room for your stay. 

All our 3 kitchens are equipped with:
Refrigerator, freezer, ovens, microwaves and stoves. 
Baking pans for the ovens can be collected at the reception. Please bring your own pots, pans and other kitchen equipment.

All kitchen and bathroom facilities are in very good condition and we highly prioritise cleaning. We want our guests to have the best facilities and a good experience when using or kitchen and service facilities

Heated swimming pool 
Enclosed dog park


Family Cabins

Rent a tipi

Fun activities