Petting zoo • Kattegat Strand Camping
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“Mooo”, “baaah” or “oink oink”
– What does your new best friend say?

Visit out new idyllic petting zoo. It is full of friendly farm animals and some exotic fur friends. The petting zoo is massive, stretching 15.000m2 and there is room for exploring all the different animals inhabiting the zoo. 

Find the petting zoo on the campsite map

The petting zoo is a lovely place for the whole family. Find your new best friend among the sheep, goats, pigs, rhea or kangaroo. Feeding is allowed and you are welcome to pet and take pictures of all the animals. However, remember to respect the animals and other visitors in the petting zoo. 

Free entrance for all campers. Dogs are strictly forbidden. 
Entrance at your own risk. 

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